Frequently Asked Questions

Neither K.E.E.P.S. or any of its Executive Team Leaders, Representatives or Members, are in any way qualified to offer Financial Advice regarding Taxes. We encourage you to seek the assistance of a Tax Professional who specializes in Finances for guidance and answers to any questions that you may have. Each Member within this Program is soley responsible for the manner in which he/she reports any Rewards or Bonuses Earned. 

K.E.E.P.S. is a Private Not for Profit Financial Educational Membership Group, not an MLM company. We do not sell products or services, but we do offer members an opportunity to learn the principles of financial literacy and take advantage of a vast array of products and services that helps them establish & maintain Financial Independence, at their own pace. Through our Proprietary 3 Level Streams of Income Rotation System, members receive Rewards, which are a portion of the total License fees collected and disbursed from each of the Members within KEEPS, once earned. 

A Membership is required to participate in K.E.E.P.S. and Rewards are activated when a Member is on the Rotator Platform and the KDC Assigns 7 Kingdom Partners to the same platform they occupy. That qualifies the Member to receive the Reward designated for that Rotator Level and each Kingdom Partner on the Rotator is qualified to receive Partner Rewards for their participation and Presence because at K.E.E.P.S., when 1 person on the Rotator Platform is rewarded, everyone on the same level, is rewarded too. Rewards are credited to Members Internal EWallets immediately when earned. 

A 1x Inviter Referral Reward is earned for each Person you personally invite, who uses your link to become a member of K.E.E.P.S.. There is no limit to how many rewards you can earn.

A  1 time $110 Registration Fee & $589 Licensing Fee, is required from each Member to participate in KEEPS. These fees can be submitted in any of the following payment formats Debit/Credit Card, or Bitcoin. Please note that additional processing fees will be added to all Debit or Credit Card payments submitted. 

For members who wish to pay in cryptocurrency, it is strongly recommended that you verify the current conversion rate of $110 USD and $589 USD to your selected form of cryptocurrency, and then add extra funds to ensure you have enough to cover your KEEPS Fees & Crypto Transaction Fees.

KEEPS is not responsible for Cryptocurrency Transactions that may be sent or received to the wrong Crypto Wallet Address. Members are encouraged to verify the Wallet information prior to carrying out their transactions. KEEPS Crypto Wallet address is prefilled for Members payment submission.

It is a 1x $100 Reward paid for each person you personally Invite or Referred via your link & who identifies You at registration as their Inviter. The referring Member MUST have a Registered and paid KEEPS account, to qualify. Inviter Rewards will be credited to the Members Internal KEEPS Wallet, immediately once eligibilty requirements are met and may be withdrawn at any time, pending KEEPS Admin review and approval. 

Yes, Members may log into their Back Office and update their desired Pay Out Method prior to requesting a Withdrawal. All Withdrawals will be Pending until verified & approved by K.E.E.P.S. Please note K.E.E.P.S. is not responsible for incorrect account information provided for Pay Out. 

For Members who select Crypto as their Pay Out, we encourage you to verify your Crypto wallet address by sending yourself a "test amount" before you start receiving Rewards or Bonus Payments from the System.

All Members who qualify for a Reward will have their KEEPS internal wallets credited to reflect what they have earned. Members will have the option of requesting withdrawal payouts in any of K.E.E.P.S. approved Pay Out methods listed in the Back Office. All withdrawal request will be subject to reveiw & approval, prior to being disbursed. 

KEEPS does not require a Member to personally Invite others to participate. Our Proprietary Self-Sustaining Rotating System is designed to operated with all members within the KEEPS Community and selects members from the Kingdom Distribution Center in the order in which they enrolled.

While waiting to leave the KDC, members are encouraged to take full advantage of the KEEPS Online University and begin acquiring the Financial Education available, to prepare them for a better Financial Future.

Two-Factor Authentication (2fa) Is A Security System That Requires Two Separate, Distinct Forms Of Identification In Order To Access Something. The First Factor Is A Password And The Second Commonly Includes A Text With A Code Sent To Your Smartphone Or Other Device. Keeps Offers Its Members This Option When Requesting A Pay Out Or Withdrawal, As An Extra Level Of Safety & Assurance Of Transactions Involving Your Personal Payment Information. 

KEEPS Does Not Offer Refunds. Prior to enrollment, Members are advised to read the Terms and Conditions of Participation in K.E.E.P.S. to ensure that they fully understand what being a Member of this Private Group fully entails. 
Persons who register to become a Member of K.E.E.P.S. must agree that they understand that this is a Faith-Based Financial Education Program in which they are Voluntarily agreeing to participate in, in accordance to the terms and conditions stipulated. K.E.E.P.S. offers its Members the ability to Earn while they Learn, as long as they are operating in accordance to the guidelines of K.E.E.P.S.

We make NO Promises or Gurantees of Success with participation, nor that any amount will be earned for participation. Members who choose to participate in K.E.E.P.S. are doing so Voluntarily of their own accord. 

All Persons who submit the Registration & Franchise License Fees are considered an Active Member and are granted immediate access to our K.E.E.P.S. Online University. Therefore, no fees shall be refunded once paid.