How It Works


-K.E.E.P.S. Unique Membership Process 

K.E.E.P.S. Is A Private Membership Group And All Members Must Agree with the Vison of K.E.E.P.S., to Participate. Individuals can register For A Membership Account On Our Secure Web Based Digital Platform and Simply Complete The Required Account Information on the Registration page.

-Members Must Submit a One Time Non Refundable $110 Registration Set Up Fee & A Non-Refundable $589 License Fee, to become Active And have access to the K.E.E.P.S. Educational Platform.  Members Have The Option Of Submitting Their Registration And License Fees Via Debit Or Credit Card Or By Cryptocurrency In The Form Of Bitcoin. For Members Who Elect To Use Crypto, You Must Have A Crypto Wallet That Sends & Receives The Form Of Crypto You Choose To Use.

$110 covers the Registration set up and $589 is a license fee that allows members to participate in the educational material on our platform.

-At no additional charge and as a benefit for K.E.E.P.S. Members, all Active Members are added to the Kingdom Distribution Center (KDC) after registration, where they remain until placed on the Rotator Platform, in the order in which they enrolled.


Once placed on the Rotator, a member will receive certain rewards that are given at each Rotator Level, as they Learn, Earn & Elevate. Amounts may vary, depending on company revenue.


ACTIVE Member: is one who has paid $110 Set Up Registration and $589 License fee.



Members qualify to receive a one time Inviter Bonus of $100 for each active member they have invited to K.E.E.P.S.. However, Inviting others is NOT a requirement for Members and those that do, choose to do so Voluntarily.

**All Rewards and Bonuses a Member qualifies for, will be automatically credited into their Kingdom EWallet in the K.E.E.P.S. System. All Available Balances will be immediately available for withdrawal upon request, review & Admin approval. 


Income Disclaimer


Results may vary. Earnings are not guaranteed, and success depends on individual efforts. K.E.E.P.S. makes no promises regarding Income and/or Earnings. Any testimonials or examples provided are exceptional cases and do not assure similar outcomes for everyone. Information shared is for Illustrative, Educational & Entertainment Purposes Only. K.E.E.P.S., nor it's Executive Leaders or any member, is qualified to provide Tax or Financial Advice. We encourage Members to seek our Professional Assistance for all Financial